Anne, Executive Director (she/her)


First and foremost what drew me to the Timmins YWH is my passion to support young people in our community in any way that I can. Our youth know what they want and need for their well being. As Executive Director of the YWH, I am fortunate to oversee the magic that happens when youth, staff, peer mentors and our many community partners all work collaboratively together. The result: safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for youth to make new friends and access a huge array of activities, resources and services to support their well being. I am inspired every day by the incredible young people I get to meet and work alongside. I cannot imagine doing anything more fulfilling!

Phoenix, Peer Support Worker (they/them)

What drew you to working at the YWH?
When I heard about the YWH and the work that they do to help and support the youth in our community, I felt like it would be somewhere I truly belong. Being able to provide mental health services to those in need is something that brings me a lot of joy. As a non-binary person who grew up in Timmins, I understand the importance of having an inclusive environment where young people can feel safe to be themselves.

What do you bring to the hub?
I believe that I am a compassionate, understanding, and empathetic individual who is easy to talk to. My own experiences working on my mental health and wellbeing will be an asset in helping others find the resources they need to do the same.

Maegan, Intake Coordinator (she/her)

What drew you to working at the YWH?
As someone who was born and raised in Timmins, I understand the value that an organization like YWH Timmins brings to the community. Having a healthy space for young people to learn and gather is something that is integral to the health of our community as a whole. I love that the Hub offers such a wide range of services for youth in the Timmins area, and that these services are developed using input and feedback from those who use them. I am also very passionate about creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome and heard. The opportunity to work in a place where I can be an active changemaker in my community is a dream come true!

What do you bring to the hub?
I am a very compassionate, understanding, and open-minded person. My background in education has given me great insight into what the young people of Timmins want and need. I have a deep passion for learning and love to help others become their best selves, which I always do with kindness, empathy, and a good sense of humour.

Nikki, Assistant Coordinator (she/her)

What drew you to working at the YWH?
I am am passionate about health and wellness, and I am a natural helper/supporter. Both of these things align really well with the work that the YWH does, and I wanted to be a part of it as soon as I heard about the hub! Young people know what they need and how they can be supported better than anyone else, so it is important to me that the hub is youth-led and that youth voices are amplified and heard. I am so excited to be a part of this team!

What do you bring to the hub?
I bring a wide variety of experiences in health and wellness, mental health advocacy, and programming for youth. I am empathetic, creative, and bring a gentle yet enthusiastic energy wherever I go.

Michelle, Care Coordinator (she/her)

What drew you to working at the YWH?
I was aware there was a gap in services for youth and wanted to be part of the solution.  The mission, vision and values of the YWH really spoke to me, first and foremost.  Creating opportunities for youth to grow and feel like they belong in an inclusive, safe space is so important to their development and being able to contribute to their wellbeing speaks volumes to me.

What do you bring to the hub?
Above all else, I bring compassion and an open mind to the hub.  I’m told I have a bubbly personality and a genuine smile.  I also have extensive knowledge in the social services sector, where community services are concerned.  Meeting youth where they are at and helping them reach their full potential, whatever that may look like, is beyond measure.  I’m all about creating connections.

Catharine, Peer Mentor (she/her)

What drew you to working at the YWH?
I wanted to become a peer mentor to help create a space that I didn’t have when I was growing up, and help to give back to the youth in my community. Best job ever!

What do you bring to the hub?
I think my biggest asset that I bring to the YWH is my passion for helping others, and my creativity. I’m always thinking of something new and fun we can bring into the hub, and I’m always here for the youth!

Our Board of Directors

  • Brian Marks, Chair of YWH Board
  • Madison Mizzau, Vice-Chair of YWH Board
  • Trisha Turner, Treasurer, YWH Board, Community Partners representative
  • Paul Jalbert, Mental Health Sector representative 
  • Angéle Jean, Education Sector representative
  • Michael Scott, Community Member
  • Mélanie Watson, Community Member
  • Amy Beaven, Community Member

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