Meet the Team


Anne Vincent, Executive Director


First and foremost what drew me to the Timmins YWH is my passion to support young people in our community in any way that I can. Our youth know what they want and need for their well being. As Executive Director of the YWH, I am fortunate to oversee the magic that happens when youth, staff, peer mentors and our many community partners all work collaboratively together. The result: safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for youth to make new friends and access a huge array of activities, resources and services to support their well being. I am inspired every day by the incredible young people I get to meet and work alongside. I cannot imagine doing anything more fulfilling!

Catharine Lockhart, Peer Mentor

I wanted to become a peer mentor to help create a space that I didn’t have when I was growing up, and help to give back to the youth in my community. Best job ever! 

What do you bring to the hub?

I think my biggest asset that I bring to the YWH is my passion for helping others, and my creativity. I’m always thinking of something new and fun we can bring into the hub, and I’m always here for the youth! 

Mason Charbonneau, Program Coordinator

What drew you to working at the YWH?

As someone who was born and raised in Northern Ontario, I hold a special place in my heart for organizations that are looking to improve our community. Although Timmins is not a huge city, we still have a large amount of youth who are always looking for activities, resources and other youth to connect with. What drew me to working with YWH was their inclusive programing for young people who are from all walks of life. I am honoured to be apart of an organization that offers mental health, well being, support resources and more for our community.


What do you bring to the hub?

I like to see myself as someone who is creative, accepting, and charismatic. I believe that my own personal life experiences and my passion for helping will be complimentary to the Program Coordinator position. Having a career where I can use my talents to connect with our community and assist in the great work the YWH does is an absolute dream career for someone like myself!

Vanessa Roy, Peer Mentor

What drew me into becoming a peer mentor was the opportunities and potential that the position holds. Being a peer mentor to me meant that I would be able to be actively involved with youth and surrounding them with many useful resources ranging from mental health, to basic and essential life skills. I have always had a passion for helping others, especially youth. I once struggled with mental health as a youth myself and I couldn’t help but think to myself how useful the YWH would have been to my wellbeing  if it had been around. With that being said, I want to be part of the change and to help the youth in my community who might also be struggling.

What do you bring to the hub?

As a peer mentor, I can confidently say I bring many key characteristics of being a good and active listener to those needing a listening ear or to simply share their thoughts and emotions with. I am very friendly and love interacting with youth whether it’s a game or cards, to playing sports in the gym, to making crafts, or just being in the moment. I also have many insightful resources and knowledge to lend a helping hand to those in need. Through  my own personal struggles with mental health, I can truly emphasize with the youth who are also struggling, and I am happy to provide them with resources now available. I am very passionate of  helping youth in various ways including coping with mental health and teaching essential life skills. Working as a peer mentor at the youth and wellness hub has been so incredibly rewarding in so many ways and I absolutely love what I do.

Nikki St Clair, Assistant Coordinator

What drew you to working at the YWH?

I am am passionate about health and wellness, and I am a natural helper/supporter. Both of these things align really well with the work that the YWH does, and I wanted to be a part of it as soon as I heard about the hub! Young people know what they need and how they can be supported better than anyone else, so it is important to me that the hub is youth-led and that youth voices are amplified and heard. I am so excited to be a part of this team!


What do you bring to the hub?

I bring a wide variety of experiences in health and wellness, mental health advocacy, and programming for youth. I am empathetic, creative, and bring a gentle yet enthusiastic energy wherever I go.

Mackenzie Holloway, Peer Mentor

What initially drew me to the peer mentor role is the opportunity to help youth and the future of Timmins, but quickly became much, much more than that after my first hub!

What do you bring to the hub?

I bring a lot of energy and am always equipped with my listening ears!

Our Board of Directors

  • Brian Marks, Chair of YWH Board
  • Madison Mizzau, Vice-Chair of YWH Board
  • Trisha Turner, Treasurer, YWH Board, Community Partners representative
  • Paul Jalbert, Mental Health Sector representative 
  • Angéle Jean, Education Sector representative
  • Michael Scott, Community Member
  • Mélanie Watson, Community Member
  • Amy Beaven, Community Member

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