We provide safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for all youth ages 12-25.

In September 2018 the Timmins Youth Wellness Hub (YWH) was established to address the needs and provide services in English and in French to youth aged 12-25. The YWH offers: mental health counselling and support; mental health, well being, and harm reduction resources; peer support; education/employment support/training, recreation and social support. Food and bus tickets are also provided. A range of workshops and skills building sessions are also offered at the hubs. 

The Timmins YWH offers two hubs per week (weekday 4-8pm; Saturdays 12-8pm) on a rotational basis throughout the community, utilizing fourteen community partner locations including schools/colleges, library, YMCA, Science Timmins, and outdoor locations in the summer. 


Peer Support

Our Peer Mentors contribute to the creation of a safe, inclusive and welcoming space that is free of judgment and stigma.

Our peer mentors are trained to recognize when a youth may be struggling with mental health challenges, respond in a manner that supports that person’s well being, and determine when professional help may be needed and how to connect the person to that help. 


Counselling Support

Thanks to our counselling community partners we are able to offer free counselling at every hub!

There is always one counselor working at the hub who is available to have conversations with youth who may be struggling with mental health or substance use issues. They help create a safe and welcoming environment for youth and are able to refer them to further services and support as needed. 


The Youth Wellness Hub offers a wide variety of activities with something for everyone to enjoy!

We offer a variety of fun activities at the hub including open gym, arts & crafts, board games, music, cooking, drama, and many more! Our goal is to provide an engaging and interactive environment that is welcoming to all youth.


Hub Schedule

Check out our monthly schedule for our upcoming hubs.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or contributing to the hub send us a message.

Mission Statement- The Timmins Youth Wellness Hub brings together youth and community partners to support social, mental, physical and
spiritual well-being with activities, resources and services.
General Information- Co-created by youth, the Timmins Youth Wellness Hub (YWH) is a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for all youth in
Timmins aged 12-25 years old to access: counselling services, peer support, food, mental health awareness and resources and tools for
All participation includes the following: Access to counsellors and peer mentors at the hub, as well as all programs and meals offered.
Rules and Expectations- The rules and expectations of youth participants are as follows: This program is built on respect. Respect other
people’s opinions. Respect other people’s property. Respect everyone and each other with your actions and language. Respect the property,
equipment and space. Youth participants must remain in the designated spaces. Taking care of these spaces benefits everyone, including the
community partners with whom we share these spaces. No alcohol. No discrimination. No smoking. No vaping. No drugs. No weapons. No
violence. No swearing. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Bring out the best in each other. Have fun.
Harassment Free Zone- The Timmins YWH is a harassment-free, zero tolerance space where bullying and harassment are not permissible at
any time. Youth who engage in these types of activities will be suspended from the hub and must meet with the coordinator prior to returning
to the hub. All guardians/parents and youth are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying or harassment immediately to a staff member.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
Discipline- In the event that a youth participant does not adhere to the Timmins YWH rules or expectations, they can be asked to leave the
hub. This decision is made at the sole discretion of the staff at the Timmins YWH and could result in a suspension from the hub. If the youth is
under the age of 18 and has been asked to leave the hub, we will do our best to reach the primary contact by phone to inform them of the
suspension. If the primary contact cannot be reached Timmins YWH staff will assist the youth to make arrangements to return home safely.
Damage to Property- If youth damage equipment or property at the hub, they can be expected to pay for repairs or replacement. Decisions
about the value and reimbursement required are made at the sole and complete discretion of the space in which we are located.
Limitation of Liability- In the event of an emergency, YWH Staff may administer the use of any first aid treatment necessary. Every effort will
be made to contact parents/guardians before such action. The Timmins YWH also reserves the right to call for an ambulance if deemed
appropriate or necessary. In signing this waiver “You hereby release the Timmins YWH from all claims for damages arising from any accident or
injury which is caused by or arises from participation of the applicant during any hub or in any location where a hub is held.”
Safe Use of Technology- All youth participants are expected to use technology in an acceptable manner. This includes personal devices such as
cell phones, tablets, and personal computers. Any youth who are found to be in violation of these policies will be suspended from the Timmins
YWH. Youth participants are asked to not follow or add any Timmins YWH staff on any social media platform.
Duty of Care- The safety of youth participants is the Timmins YWH’s primary concern. The Timmins YWH aims to provide a safe and welcoming
environment and our staff will do what is within their control to ensure that all participants are safe and taken care of while at the Timmins
YWH. However, parents/guardians should be aware that the Timmins YWH staff do not hold the authority to keep youth participants at the
hub; youth participants may come and go as they please. The Timmins YWH does not take responsibility for youth participants who come and
go from the hub. The Timmins YWH maintains a sign-in/out form which youth participants are required to fill out upon arrival and departure at
the hub.
Hub Supervision- All the spaces the Timmins YWH has during a hub are monitored by Timmins YWH staff. Most locations in which the Timmins
YWH locates have surveillance cameras that are monitored by the residing organization.
Program Evaluation- In order to ensure that we offer quality programs, many types of evaluation methods are used to collect data and
information that helps inform program and operational decisions and create best practices. Please be advised that information about
participation will be collected about youth participants. You give permission for your child to participate in focus groups, surveys, interviews,
and other evaluations deemed appropriate or necessary by the Timmins YWH. Any/all information and data collected by the Timmins YWH
can/will be shared anonymously with, but not limited to; funders, stakeholders, community partners and the general public.
Media Consent- If youth and parent/guardian has agreed to the media consent part of the participation, the following will apply: Media
content of youth participants and their activities may be collected while participating at the hub. This media content may include but is not
limited to; pictures, videos, stories, interviews, quotes, audio recordings and youth projects. This media content may be used for but not
limited to; printed materials, website, social media, funding projects, promotional videos, grant applications, evaluations, television, radio,
newspaper, and/or internal reports. Youth participants and parents/guardians are also advised that youth may be involved in activities covered
by the media, and that they may be photographed, filmed or interviewed at any time. Youth participants and parents/guardians may not be
notified when media content is collected and used. The Timmins YWH reserves the right to release and publish this media content as we see