The Timmins Youth Wellness Hub is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year and it has a goal to reach more people between the ages of 18 and 25.

The Hub has typically been popular with younger persons, but officials said it’s an underserved segment of the population. More daytime programming will be offered such as craft workshops like one that was hosted at Robin’s Rustic Creations.

Participants tried their hand at making their own phone stands. Organizers said it’s a way to connect with people in-person.

“We’re looking to do more programming during the day so that we can attract youth who might be in between school or in the workforce,” said Phoenix Vieno, a peer support worker with the Timmins Youth Wellness Hub. “(Or people) who are just looking for a space to be safe and welcoming and looking for new hobbies, as well, or if they’re looking for mental health services.”

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